Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sunday morning we were sitting in church singing the opening hymn. My girls were being very reverent and sitting there quietly. Emily was looking at her Friend magazine and Allie was pointing to words in the hymn book. As we proceeded to sing Allie decided she would join in and sing along. But she didn't know the words. So she sang a song that she knows very well. The ABC's. And she sang them as loud as she possibly could, so loud that everybody in the chapel could hear (that is not an exaggeration). It was impossible for Tyler and I not to laugh.

I am glad that Allie felt she should share her voice and her knowledge of the ABC's with us. Allie, thanks for putting a smile on our face!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today Tyler and I took Emily and Allie skiing. The skies were blue and it was a beautiful day. There was a pretty chilly wind though, but the girls were champions and didn't complain.

Emily was so excited to hit the slopes. She kept saying "I'm so stoked! I can't wait to go skiing." Besides, with rockin' skis like that what little girl wouldn't be stoked to hit the slopes?
Allie's smile says it all. Let's go skiing!!!
Allie and I riding up the lift.Emily and Tyler with a cool shot of their skis as they ride up the lift.Allie taking her first run. Tyler and Emily cruisin'. Emily doesn't care about stopping. She just wants to point 'em straight and go fast. Definitely belongs to her father! And to top off a great day of skiing- french fries in the lodge!
2 little ski bunnies after a doing such a great job skiing.
Take us home Dad! Thanks for the fun day.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Green Thumb, Bubbles and Chalk

Yesterday was such a nice day. We actually had some warm weather were we live (I still have a yard full of snow). The girls and I went on a nice walk yesterday and then came home and we planted some seeds in a little planter/greenhouse thing so the girls could watch them grow. We did this last year and Emily absolutely loved checking on her plants every day. We will see how they turn out this year.

After increasing our green thumb skills it was time for bubbles and chalk for hours on end.
Allie loves blowing bubbles.Emily loves coloring with chalk

Popping all the bubbles.

Great times together!!

It was a great day spent in the sun. We were covered in soapy bubbles from head to toe, had dirt under our fingernails and chalk all over our hands. What a great day!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

From Princesses And Ponies To Trucks And Trains

When I was a little girl I was more interested in catching grasshoppers and putting them in jars and playing sports than I was in playing Barbies and dress up. I had more guy friends than girl friends. So let's just say when I found out with Emily that we were having a girl I was scared to death. I didn't know what to do with a girl. We have been blessed with 2 little girls who are nothing like I was when I was little, and I think we have handled having girls very well. They love to dress up and play princesses, love their hair done in ribbons and bows and love to have their nails painted. They are such a blessing to us and I love their different personalities. I love spending each and every day with them building princess castles with Legos and dancing around the house dressed up in tutus. Although my favorite is watching Tyler dance around the house with them with a tutu on his head. I LOVE MY GIRLS!!
Even though they are VERY girly they are also very athletic and love the outdoors. Hopefully these are the traits that they will share with their little brother.

Yep, we are having a BOY in July. We are excited. The girls are thrilled. Now to come up with a name. Right now Tyler and the girls call him Ralphie. Yeah I know, it's terrible. Tyler thought he was funny and started calling him that when I was super nauseated and wanted to puke (ralph) at the beginning of the pregnancy.

Me at 21 weeks
We are very excited to be able to have another little one in our home. What a great blessing children are! Now we will see if we can figure out how to do to boy things. Bring on the trucks and trains!! Wish us luck.