Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tyler's New Hobby

Tyler has found a new hobby. He has joined 2 curling clubs/teams. He has been doing this for a couple of months now and really enjoys it. It is a lot more difficult than people think.  Once you understand what is going on it is pretty fun also.

Getting ready to throw the stone.
Emily and Allie enjoyed watching.
Emily and Allie playing their own curling game. Emily the sweeper, Allie the stone.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Josh's 1st Haircut

Joshua got his 1st haircut today. I have never cut a little boys hair so I was a little nervous.
AFTER- I cut about 1-1.5 inches off. He looks so freakin' handsome!
Josh now has 6 teeth (4 on top 2 on the bottom) and has started pulling himself up to standing.
He loves to stand up and help unload the dishwasher. He is getting so big!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Day My Prince Will Come

Emily and Allie are princess maniacs. Everyday they are dressed up like princesses. Often times Emily tries to make Allie be the prince. Allie does not approve of this AT.ALL.

The girls like to pretend like they are princesses going to the ball and I will often have to introduce them as they enter the grand ballroom.
Well, apparently Josh is now old enough to be part of this gala. He gets to be their dance partner.
Don't even think about cutting in!
When Josh isn't at the ball dancing with the ladies he is off protecting them from fierce dragons.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Skiing Night and Day

Last Friday night we decided to take the girls skiing up at Wolf Mountain. We worried they would complain about being too cold but there was no complaining about being too cold. The only complaining was about having to go home.

Tyler’s parents were up there as well and they took turns watching Josh in the lodge so that Tyler, Emily, Allie and I could all ski together a little bit.
Tyler started off by reminding Emily how to snow plow and slow down.
Emily has no desire to go slow so we still have the harness on her so we can hold her back a little if we need to.

The next morning we woke up and the girls wanted to go skiing again. So we headed up to Powder Mountain for the day. We didn't have a babysitter this time so Tyler and I took turns watching Joshua and one of the girls in the lodge while the other one of us was skiing with one of the girls.

Allie getting all ready to go
Allie does pretty good for a 2 year old. She has good control of her skis, good edge control and can turn just fine but doesn't snow plow very well.
We all had lunch together in the lodge.

As Emily and I headed out for the last run of the day I asked her if she wanted me to use the harness on her or not. She said no. I told her she had to make sure she didn't go too fast because there was no way for me to her. She was alright with that and off we went. I was nervous the whole time but she did absolutely amazing. She still would go fast but remained in control and slowed down as needed. At times she would speed up and as she sped past me she would say "See ya later, hoser" or "See ya later, slow poke". She thought she was quite funny.

**Joshua has now started crawling. He has been getting himself up on his hands and knees for quite some time and would just rock back and forth but he is cruisin' right along now. Also his 2 front teeth are breaking through now. He now has 4 little teeth!!