Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gifts From Greece and Turkey

Tyler just got back from a 2 week long trip to Greece and Turkey. At the beginning of March Ty said he had an itch to travel somewhere internationally. With me being 7 months pregnant it wasn't a good idea for me to be running around the world with him. :(  So I told him he had the month of march to plan and go wherever he was going to go but he had to be back before the beginning of April because after that it was too close to our baby's due date for him to be traveling around.  So he and his brother, Andy, quitckly planned a trip to Greece and Turkey.

He brought the kids home some nice gifts.
He bought Josh home this sweet costume. Josh says he is Abu from Aladdin when he puts it on. Tyler bought it for him because Emily and Allie are always trying to dress him up in princess costumes and so he thought he would buy him a costume that Josh could wear instead of a princess dress.
The girls got some beautiful scarfs, mirrors and a magic carpet.

We are so glad that Daddy is home safely and that he had a great time.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Josh's addiction

Joshua absolutely loves Woody and Buzz from Toy Story. He can't go anywhere or do anything unless he has Woody and Buzz with him. He even found some toy horses in the toy box that he uses as Woody's horse Bullseye. He can't say Bullseye so he just neighs like a horse if he can't find where he is. 
Josh has his sheriff hat on just like Woody. Josh is also so concerned about Woody's hat. If he can't find Woody's hat he runs around yelling "HAT, HAT" until you find it.
Having his entourage of Woody and Buzz is a must at bedtime. He even has to have a Toy Story book with him when he goes to bed.

It is so stinkin cute watching him run around with his pals, Woody and Buzz, but it also brings many challenges when Woody and Buzz can't be found. Woody and Buzz were lost for 3 days and it was not a pretty site at our house while they were lost. I finally got online and ordered new ones. It wasn't 10 minutes after I had ordered them that I found the old ones. They were at the bottom of the laundry basket. Maybe I should do the laundry more often eh? Now we have 2 sets so hopefully we can avoid the terrible event of not being able to find at least one Woody and Buzz.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Allie's Field Trip to the Vet and Frosted Rock

Allie had a field trip for preschool today. They went to the vets and learned about how animals need to go to the doctors and all about what they do at the vets.

 They learned about x-rays and were able to see a dog in surgery (through the windows of course).
And saw dogs on "vacation" while their owners were away.
Joshua was loving this field trip. He loves animals. 
Then we were off to Frosted Rock to learn how they make ice cream and of course partake of some of the yummy stuff!! (and yes it was before lunch, but I don't think that there is a bad time to eat ice cream).
Allie and Josh enjoying their ice cream. They were both very nice and shared with me. 
That messy smile says it all.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Play Time

Allie and Joshua were upstairs playing for about 10 minutes and I hadn't heard much noise coming from the room so I got a bit nervous. When I went in this is what I found...
I was seriously shocked. I thought I was going to walk into a disaster area. They were so stinkin cute and had to run downstairs and get my camera so I could pictures of them. They would give each other food and were pretending to eat it.
 When Josh saw me he turned and said "Cheese".
Then he came and gave me a bite of his food.

So glad my kids play together so well (well, sometimes they do). They are such cute little stinks and I am glad I am blessed to be their mom.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jazz Game

After my grandpa's funeral a bunch of us went down to the Jazz game. My brother-in-law Matt works for the Boys and Girls club and they had some extra tickets so a bunch of us went down to the game.

We rode the bus down with the kids from the Boys and Girls Club. My kids thought it was the greatest thing.

Joshua loved sitting with his dad. Both sporting their Jazz hoodies.
Keely and Tyler. I told them this was going to be the picture they used on their wedding announcement. 
Love this picture of my boys just chillin on the bus together.

I only got a few pictures on the bus ride and forgot to take them at the game. The game was on OT thriller that the Jazz won. Glad that almost my whole family was there together watching it.

Grandpa Winfield's Funeral

On Sunday February 27, 2011 my Grandpa Winfield passed away. Just a few days shy of his 90th birthday. My kids haven't really had anyone really close to us pass away so I didn't know how they were going to handle hearing the news. After I got the call from my mom I went down to tell Emily and Allie. When I was done telling them Allie looked up at me and said "That's okay! We will see him again when he gets his bones back." Love that little 3 year old and her sweet understanding of resurrection and the plan of salvation.  The next day at lunch Allie asked "Does Great Grandpa have his bones back yet?" I said no and that it would be a long time before that happened. Emily then pipes up and said "Yeah, Allie, it is going to be a long time. Like 10 months or more." LOVE IT!

Today we were going to have a big birthday party for my grandpa but instead we had a funeral for him and reflected on his life.

The funeral services were great. My mom and uncles did a great job talking about my grandpa and the life and example he lead. There were many moments of tears and laughter.

Grandpa was a HUGE BYU fan. He had all the BYU football games recorded. So at his grave all the great-grandkids were given blue and white balloons (some had a big Y on them) and they all released them into the sky.
Grandpa, you are a wonderful man. You are a great example.  You will be missed.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa Winfield

Today would have been my grandpa Winfield's 90th birthday but he passed away 3 days ago. We had a big party planned for him this weekend but instead will be having a different get together in his honor.

The kids and I decided to make a birthday cake in his honor today. Since it is Dr. Seuss' birthday today also we made a cake (made of cupcakes) that resembled the hat of The Cat in the Hat. The kids all had Dr. Seuss shirts on and Josh wore his Cat in the Hat hat. 
Happy Birthday Grandpa! We love you and will miss you.