Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Field Trip To The Grocery Store

Allie's preschool class had a field trip to the Winco grocery store down the street.
They got to go in the bakery and watch them make some bread in the big mixer.
 Then we got to go in the back storeroom to see how they store all the extra food. They also got to check out all the really big refrigerators.
They let each kid pick out an apple to take home and eat..
Then they learned about how the checkout process works and about bagging the groceries. The kids had a great time learning about all the things that happen at the grocery store.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Emily and Allie had a Halloween party at their friend’s house a few days before Halloween. The kids had so much fun.

We played some fun games like pin the nose on the pumpkin.
Then we made some tasty spiders.
Then the kids all helped make some witches brew. They each got to add a special ingredient such as a frog, eyeball, spider, skull, and snakes. YUMMY!! While the brew was brewing we made some tasty caramel apples. The kids had a great time. 

Halloween afternoon we had a ward Halloween party. We ate dinner there and then had the kids parade around in their costumes and show everyone how awesome they looked.
 Pretty sure these 2 girls were the prettiest princesses around!
Joshua was a handsome, little cowboy. 
 Miss Allie as "Crimson Princess" as she so named herself.
 Emily as "Pink Princess"
It was raining just before we headed out to go trick-or-treating but stopped just in time for us to head out and enjoy a chilly night collecting some tasty treats. The girls were pros and Joshua caught on very quickly. He looked so cute standing on the porches holding out his treat bucket.
Apparently Tyler has had SOOO much fun dealing with people from his trailer park that he decided to dress up like one of his tenants. I can honestly say he wasn't very handsome looking. When we were at the ward Halloween party the Bishop came and was talking to me and gave me 2 little treat bags and said "here's an extra one so you can take one home to Tyler." I kind of gave him a confused looks then turned to Tyler who was standing right next to me and said "Here you go babe." The Bishop looked at Tyler and just about dropped to the floor. He did not recognize Tyler at all. It was quite funny.