Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dad! Dad! Dad!

Every night we sit down at the table to eat dinner together. Hooray for family dinners! Maya has this thing that she does EVERY night. It makes me chuckle. After we have said the prayer and we start eating Maya yells out "Dad! Dad! DAD!"He then responds "What Maya?". She then looks at him and tries to wink at him (really just a big blink, but she is trying). Then 5-10 seconds passes and we repeat. "Dad! Dad! DAD!"
It really is one of the funniest, sweetest things.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Coloring fun

Maya loves to color, especially with her sisters. Today as she was coloring I looked at her picture. She had some random scribbles on there but then as I watched her she was looking for all of the flowers and only coloring them.  I was pretty impressed. Pretty advanced for a kid her age I think.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Since Ty and I have been married, I'm pretty sure that every year on his birthday he has been out of town for a trade show. Except this year. This year he still had a trade show but it was just in Salt Lake so he was able to be home. Wahoo.

Because he has always been gone I have never made him a birthday cake. Until now.
Tyler loves to travel. So we made him a cake that looked like the world.
We only had a few candles to mark some of the places he has traveled. 

The kids all helped him unwrap his present.
 A Lego VW Van!! SO excited to put that together!!
 Happy Birthday Tyler! I love you so much. You are an amazing husband and father. You are an extremely hard worker. You always have a smile on your face and always make me happy. You are my best friend. Glad you were home on your birthday this year.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Skiing at Wolf Mountain

We finally got the energy to take all 4 kids skiing this season.
I alway put the girls' hair in 2 braids when we go skiing. This was Maya's first time having 2 little braids. She looks so stinkin cute.
Tyler putting the ski rack on the car.
Emily is good to ski on her own. But the other ones still need help so they don't go flying down the mountain taking out everyone and everything in their path.
She is such a good little skier. She skied the whole day and wanted to stay all night.
So Tyler and I would take turns, one would take a kid skiing while the other wrangled kids in the lodge. Which pretty much meant shoving as much food and treats in their faces as possible to keep them happy. Ha ha. They actually were really good while waiting for their turn. 
 Little miss Allie ready for her turn.
Allie was a little timid and said she didn't remember how to ski, so Emily took her by the hand and as they headed towards the lift she reminded Allie of everything she needed to do. So glad they are such good friends.
Me and 2 of my girls enjoying the lift ride up. Getting ready for some awesome skiing.
Joshua getting ready for his turn.
Joshua is a little daredevil. Tyler took him up the lift and at the top there is a cat track you can take or there is a steep drop off the side you can go down. Josh pointed to the drop off and said "I want to go down there." And he did. He crashed, but didn't care.  He just slide down the rest of the way and then continued down the mountain.
While Tyler was out with Joshua and Emily, I took Maya and Allie outside to play in the snow for a little bit.
Maya and Allie had so much fun playing on the slopes together. We watched Ty, Ems, and Josh ride up the lift, made snow angels, Maya tried to eat the snow, it was awesome fun.
Maya finally got her turn to ski.
To say she loved it would be an understatement, I think. The whole way down she had the biggest smile ever and was giggling like crazy. Emily and I were skiing in front of her and she would yell out our names to get our attention and then would start laughing. Cutest thing ever.
 Dad and Allie going for 1 last run.

Such a fun time together. So glad we took the kiddos up. It really is a lot of work but they have such a fun time.