Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keep Your Stick On The Ice

Last weekend we went up and stayed at our house in Eden. We were going to take the girls skiing on Saturday but when we got there we found out Tyler's skis weren't up there like we assumed. They were at his parents house because his brother had borrowed them and we hadn't got them back yet. So we decided to go ice skating in Huntsville instead.  Part of the city park is turned into a skating rink in the winter.
Joshua getting ready to go out and play.
Allie, Grandma, Tyler and Emily getting out on the ice.
Allie had a blast and loved skating around with Grandma.
Emily was a champ and skated around for a bit with Grandma and Grandpa and then was soon skating around on her own.
Joshers and I getting our skate on. This was right before his nap, hence the sleepy look on his face.
After we did a few triple axles and practiced our spins we played an exciting game the boys invented and named moving wickets. You would get points for shooting the hockey puck between people’s skates and lose points for having the puck shot between your skates. It was pretty fun.
Emily and Allie wanted in on all the fun.
 We had such a fun day. The girls got to pretend they were Olympic ice skaters and we were able to enjoy the beautiful day in a wonderful little town. I wouldn't mind living there. Maybe someday!

*On a side note, Joshua has started to say Dadda. He has been saying it for a couple of days now but would never say it in the presence of Tyler. It was kinda funny. But yesterday Joshua finally said it in front of Tyler.
Josh also had his 1st tooth come in and a 2nd one will be popping through any day now.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Emily Lied"

Setting: In the kitchen, Emily and Allie just finished helping Tyler make muffins. Amber and Josh are sitting at the table. Emily and Allie are starting to get on one anothers nerves and are starting to fight.
Emily: GRRRR!
Allie: Mom, Emily lied!
Emily: No, I didn't.
Allie: Uh huh! She lied.
Me: Allie, Emily didn't lie.
Tyler: What did she say?
Allie: She lied. she said GRRR. She was lying.
I start laughing as it all starts to make sense. Allie has confused the words LYING (pronounced LIE-UN as the girls drop the G off of ING words) with LION.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Josh 7 Months

Joshua is 7 months now. He is such a funny and playful little guy.
He has started getting on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. He loves clapping his hands together and playing pat-a-cake.
And, oh, how he loves his older sisters. They can make him laugh better than anyone else. The other day Josh was sitting on my lap and Emily was running up to Josh saying "Hey" and he would laugh so hard and then she would retreat and do it again causing Josh to laugh more and more. Then Allie jumped in on the fun. They were all laughing so hard. Tyler was watching this all happen and though he would get in on the fun. He did exactly what the girls did to get Josh to laugh but Josh just stared at Tyler with a blank stare that said "what the heck are you doing? You are one weird dude." Then the girls jumped back in and took over making Josh laugh. Tyler tried it one more time and was met with the same blank stare.  Tyler may not have made Josh laugh but he made me laugh.