Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Smiles

Just wanted to share a few pictures from today that made me smile.

Emily snuggled up by Maya just before church. Emily is the biggest helper ever. She loves her baby sister so much and is always willing to help watch her so I can get things done.
Maya all ready for church and looking so cute.
We went to Tyler's parents after church for FHE. Allie and Josh enjoyed having Great Grandpa Conlin read them stories. I love moments like these.
Maya listening to Grandpa Conlin tell her stories.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Kindergarten Program

The kindergarten put on a little program for their families to show them how much they learned this year in school.

Maya waiting for the show to begin.
Josh and I enjoying the show. Well, I think that he is enjoying it?
Little Miss Emily getting ready to hold up her letter for the song.  Check out that sweet bandaid on her forehead. She crashed on her bike a few days ago and still thinks it needs a bandaid.
They sang so many cute songs. They even sang the ABC's backwards. I was pretty impressed. The program was so cute and it even made me get a little misty-eyed as I thought about how my little girl is growing up.
Getting a big hug from her dad after the program.
Emily and her amazing teacher Mrs. Hinckley. Mrs. Hinckley was so great at finding ways to challenge Emily throughout the school year so she wouldn't be bored. She is an excellent teacher. Emily really liked being in her class.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2 Weeks Old

I just took Maya in for her 2 week check up. Poor little thing was not so excited about getting poked again. She has been poked so many times the last 2 weeks getting her bili rechecked and what not. I think she has about had it.
The other 3 kiddos waiting patiently at the doctors. What well behaved children I have. Well, at least for the picture.

Maya's 2 week stats:
 7.08 lbs  15%
20.1 inches  41%

She is doing very well. Her bili is normal and we aren't doing bili lights anymore. We are adjusting to 4 kids pretty well. The older 3 help out quite a bit, which is nice.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Giant Pillow Fight

Tyler was selling some backpacks and used pillows to fill the packs with so you could tell what the packs actually looked like. Well, those packs are all sold and so he brought about 15+ pillows home. What does one do with that many pillows? Have a huge pillow fight of course!!
Here is Allie getting clobbered by dad!
The kids all ganged up and doggy piled on top of Tyler.
Don't even try to escape!

So much fun. I bet Ty and the kids were throwing pillow around for at least 30 minutes. It pretty intense and there were no serious injuries sustained by any of the parties participating. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1 Week Old

Little Maya is 1 week old already. She is a pretty good baby and the older 3 kids love her so much.
Joshua loves Maya so much just doesn't understand what the word "soft" means yet.
Emily and Allie picked out this huge bow for her to wear.
Cute little smirk.
So cute and precious. Love this little one!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Allie is 4!

Our little smarty pants Allie just turned 4. With Maya being born just a couple days ago we really tried to focus just on Allie today so she would really feel how much we love her.
Allie wanted a bubblegum machine birthday cake.
A Rapunzel princess dress! Super excited!
Happy Birthday Allie! You are such a sweet little girl. This year has been a little rough on you. It has been difficult for you to learn how to deal with things that weren't going your way but you have learned how to cope a lot better and it is nice to see that beautiful smile on your face again. You are so smart. You are reading on a 2nd grade level and love new books. You are so excited for preschool this fall. You love playing princesses with your big sister Emily and love your little brother and sister so much. You love to ask questions! We love you so much. We are so glad you are a part of our family!

Maya the Glow Worm

Because of the bruising to Maya's face due to the umbilical cord being so tight around her neck her bilirubin levels were a bit too high so she had to have bili lights to help bring those levels down.
You can see her face is still bruised but looking a lot better.
Our little glow worm

Friday, May 6, 2011

Maya Conlin

MAY 4, 2011
I woke up today knowing that today was the day our little Maya would be entering the world (well, I really hoped it was the day). I had a doctors appointment in the morning and was hoping I was dilated far enough for Machel to send me to the hospital. May 5 is my sister's and father-in-law's birthday so I didn't want Maya being born on that day and then May 6 my midwife's daughter was getting married so today had to be the day! Fingers crossed. I had been going in every day for the last 1.5 weeks because I don't feel many contractions but when my body decides it is time things seem to go very quickly, and I don't want to be stuck and home delivering my own child. Well, today when I went in I was dilated to a 4-5 but not actively contracting.  Machel told me to go home and walk around the block and then come back. Well, I went on a quick walk with the kids but Tyler was out working so I put Joshua down for a nap and got things ready. Mostly I just sat back and relaxed. Tyler got home a couple hours later so I left the kids with him and headed back to the doctors. This time she put me on the monitor and I was contracting a little bit more and I was a 5. So she sent me up to the hospital. My sister Heidi went over our house to watch the kids and Tyler headed up to the hospital to meet me.

In knew it was busy up at the hospital and so I was going to have to dilated on my own so they would admit me. So I parked my car on the very back row in the parking lot and walked up and down every row very quickly. Then I ran up all 4 flights of stairs to labor and delivery. I got checked in, they took my medical history and vital signs. The nurse was a little concerned when my heart rate was 110. I told her not to worry, I had just ran up 4 flights of stairs. She laughed. She then checked me and I was dilated to a 6. Wahoo! I was staying.  She called Machel and Machel said she was headed up to break my water. I was checked into my room at 5:40 pm.

5:47 pm- Machel broke my water. Maya was still pretty high up in my uterus and needed to drop down so we figured it was going to take a little while. I was a little bit uncomfortable but not too bad. I laid there and talked with my friend Carie, who had just gotten off work and stopped by to see how I was. Tyler was watching videos on his phone trying to get himself ready for the adventure that we were about the embark on.

6:29 pm- Dilated to an 8+Maya still up pretty high. Not too much pain YET!
6:43 pm- Dilated to a 9, baby finally decided to drop down lower. Now I am uncomfortable and remember what pain really feels like.
6:57 pm- Completely dilated and getting set up for delivery
7:03 pm- Maya was born. The cord was wrapped around her little neck very tightly so the poor little thing came out with a super purple head and face.  She weighed 6 lb 15 oz and was 19.5 inches long.
They placed Maya on my chest right after she was born. Then I cut the cord (Tyler cut Emily's cord and that was enough for him). This is when I asked if we could go home yet. They wouldn't let us. Darn.
6lbs 15 oz
Just had another cute little baby and feeling great!!
Look how purple her face is next to her arm. So sad.
We called the kids and told them they had a new little sister (we kept the sex of the baby a secret from everyone this pregnancy) and had them come up to the hospital to see her. They got there just in time to watch her get her first bath.
All clean!
Big sister Emily holding Maya. Don't be worried about her purple/bluish complexion. She was breathing just bruised.
Joshua loving his baby sister and giving her kisses.
Allie excited to have another sister!
Another bruised face picture. Still might cute, though!

Daddy getting his snuggle time in.
All ready to go home.