Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Emily's Taking Piano Lessons

Emily just started taking piano lessons from a cute little lady in our ward. Em's is really excited about it right now and hopefully it will stay that way.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Time To Eat!

This little angelic face thinks that meal time really means it is time to try on new hats or test out the strength of his arm by throwing his food across the dining room. Don't let that sweet little smirk fool you!
Yep, pretty sure he is still the cutest little boy even with a bowl on his head.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bowling for Family Night

Emily got a coupon for 1 free game of bowling from school for entering the writing contest. Emily thought it would be fun family activity to go bowling for Family Home Evening so that is what we did last night.
Emily getting all lined up.
Check out Allie's form.
Joshua trying to heft his 6 lb ball off the ball holder and down the lane. 
Joshua's turn.
Emily took this picture of me.
Tyler's turn to show what he's got. Let's see if he can back up all the smack talk he was throwin' down.
Bowling is hard work when you are only 19 months. Time for a break and some lemonade.
Tyler and I checking out the score at the end of the game. The look on Tyler's face shows how surprised he is that the two of us tied. Yeah, that'll teach him to talk smack! And I was bowling with what looks like half a bowling ball stuffed in my shirt.

What a fun night together as a family. Thanks Emily for doing so well in school and suggesting that we do this.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Every month Emily's school has a writing contest. One of the goals Emily set at parent teacher conference last quarter was to enter the writing contest. January's theme was "My favorite winter activity is..."
Here is Emily's story that she wrote.
My name is Emily. I like the winter. I like to watch it snow. But my favorite thing to do is play in the snow. I like to make snow angels. I like to make snowmen. I like to go sledding. I like to ski. I like to throw snowballs. Winter is fun.

Not bad for a kindergartener. Good job Em's!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meeting Addison

My sister Heidi had her baby last week. Little Addison was born 4 weeks early and weighed 5 lb 15 oz. Botb her and Heidi are doing well. We went over to their house to see them and snuggle with the tiny little bundle of joy.
Joshua was in heaven. He loves babies. He snuggled her, gave her kisses and was so gentle. Well, until I tried to take her away then he wasn't so happy and was grabbing at the blanket trying to pull her back to him. He would yell "Baby, baby" and got so mad. Apparently he didn't think his turn with the baby should be over. Pretty sure Heidi was about ready to have a heart attack. At least I know when we have our little one in a couple of months he will be excited.
Allie getting her turn. She would get mad at me if I tried to help her hold Addison. She was sure she could handle things on her own.
This definitely got Emily excited for our little one to come. She was so gentle with Addison.

We are so glad little Addison is here. Glad she is doing well and she survived the mauling from my kids.