Thursday, December 29, 2011


Emily and Allie have been asking for quite some time now if they could get their ears pierced.  Ty and I decided they were probably ready. So for Christmas they got notes that said that they could go and get their ears pierced. They were so excited.

 Allie went first and wasn't too sure about the whole situation.
She was really brave and just snuggled with a teddy bear they had there.
 So happy it is over with!!
 Miss Emily's turn.
On the way there we decided we might as well do Maya's at the same time.
Poor little thing as no idea what she is in for.
We gave her a sucker and she did really well that is until they pierced her ear.
So sad. This picture really does break my heart. Glad those tears didn't last long.
We ended the night by stopping to pick out some chocolate.
Emily so excited that she finally got her ears pierced.
I think it took them longer to pick out what kind of chocolate they wanted than it did to pick out which earrings they wanted.
Maya happy once again and super sticky from her tasty sucker.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Visit to Primary Children's Hospital

Maya hasn't been able to tolerate solid foods at all. She still gets violently ill even after the smallest bite of food, so the doctor sent us to have a couple of tests done.  Just before Christmas we went to McKay Dee Hospital and Maya had a swallow study and some other tests done checking to see if Maya had any anatomical anomalies that were causing this. She had no problems with the swallow study but as they were doing the other tests they said that it looked like she had a really thick bowel wall right outside the stomach or there was some webbing right there which just means that there is some extra tissue strung from one side of the bowel wall to the other side making it very difficult/impossible for food to pass through.

So an appointment was set up at Primary Children's Hospital to have another test done and meet with a surgeon, as this condition would have to be surgically corrected.

Dec 22, 2011
We went down to PCMC the day after she had the 1st test done but they were unable to repeat the test due to the amount of contrast she still had in her bowels from the day before we we set up an appointment for yesterday.

So,Ty gave Maya a blessing and we fasted for her.

Dec 28, 2011
I took her down the Primary's where they repeated the test we had done at McKay. Maya decided that she did not want to drink the contrast this time so they had to stick a tube down her nose into her stomach to get the contrast in there. They took xrays of the contrast as it moved through her bowels.  She did not like having to go through this again. Then they had us wait an hour and they took more xrays.

The radiologist came out to talk to me after. He was a bit stunned. He said whatever showed up on the films from McKay was no longer there. That everything looked normal and healthy. He said that he saw no reason for surgery. HOORAY!!

So now what?

I took Maya home and decided to try food again with her because according to the doctor there was no longer anything blocking her food from traveling through her bowels. I was a little hesitant doing this. My baby had already endured enough tests and torture today and I didn't want to make her deathly ill on top of it all but she hadn't thrown up the contrast (which is pretty thick) so I thought it was worth a try.

Well, she was very very hesitant to try the food but she ate some and she tolerated it without any complications. We tried more today and she didn't have any problems. WAHOO!
 She definitely was not liking the idea of trying food again. I'm actually surprised she ate any.
 hmmm...maybe this isn't so bad.
 I have never seen her this happy after eating.
I have no idea why for 2.5 months my baby was unable to eat any solid food. No idea what they thought they saw on the films from McKay. And no idea where that mysterious blockage went between the visit to McKay and Primary's. I do know that my baby is healthy and able to eat now and that I am overcome with joy and gratitude. I do believe that prayers are answered and believe that this is an example of that.

Also, Maya can now sit herself up. She is growing up so fast.

Monday, December 26, 2011


We started our Christmas craziness with lunch at Great Grandma Strebels. Yummy soup and lots of it.  The kids then participated in acting out the Nativity as we read passages from the scriptures of Christ's birth. We sang some carols and then had a visit from a guy dressed in red. 
Emily and Allie sitting on Santa's lap
Josh and Maya. I was surprised at how happy Maya was.
The whole family!
We then went to Tyler's parents house to give them their special Christmas present from Tyler and his siblings. 
A new swing made from an old ski chair!
New PJs on Christmas Eve.
Emily left this for Santa. I guess she thinks he only eats milk and cookies and doesn't know how to make oatmeal. So cute. She just want him to be healthy.
Joshua and Maya were the firsts ones to wake up Christmas morning. They played in our room until Em and Als woke up.
Coming down the stairs Christmas morning. Joshua wore a camera on his head for most of the present unwrapping so we could watch what it was like from his perspective.

It was Maya's first Christmas. She really had no idea what was going on but she really like playing with her new toys. 
Emily really got into the giving spirit this year and make or purchased something for everyone. She gave Tyler this snow globe.
All four of my kiddos Christmas morning.

I got a new camera for Christmas and spent the rest of the day experimenting with it and having fun. Love the way the pictures look.
Maya all ready for church

We stopped by Great Grandma Spackman's for a little while. I played with my new camera
Joshua fell asleep in the floor

Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpa Spackman's then Grandma and Grandpa Conlin's.

Maya enjoyed eating the wrapping paper.
Maya and her cousin Piper.

Emily and Allie with some artwork they are creating with the scratch paper Emily got. They spent the rest of the night scratching pictures and designs on the paper that she got.
Joshua and Grandpa enjoyed some time on the new ski chair swing.
Joshua found the little violin and Grandma and Grandpa have at their house. He "played" it for quite a while and had so much fun.
Allie had a turn at it too.

We had such a fun, fast paced, crazy Christmas. We are so blessed! Grateful that we live so close to our families. Grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ!