Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Field Trip to HAFB Museum

We went to the Hill Air Force Base Museum for a preschool field trip. There are 2 neighborhood preschool classes so we all get together for field trips.
 Allie and Joshua checking out all the planes.
 Buckle up!
Joshua loved donning his flight suit and checking out all the jets. Pretty sure he could have been happy here all day long.
Check out that pouty lip! She was not happy about having to go. There were still more things she wanted to do.
Allie and the rest of the preschool kids. (still unhappy)

Joshua had a blast! Allie enjoyed most of it :) Maybe we will try and go there again when we have more time and so Allie will be able to have the time she wants to check things out. She can't be rushed!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tyler's Birthday!

Once again Tyler got to spend his birthday at another trade show.  This is something we are quite use to since it happens every year. This year the trade show was in Salt Lake so he was able to be home that night so we could give him his presents.
Emily and Allie had a great time helping Tyler open his presents.

We are glad that he was able to be home with us for part of his birthday. He is the greatest dad and husband. He is such an amazing person and we are glad that he is ours! Happy Birthday Toque! I love you.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Magic Night

Emily's school had a magician come to the school and put on a show for the kids and their families. Emily and Allie absolutely love when Tyler does little magic tricks for them so we pretty much had to go to this.
 The kids thought everything he did was so cool.
He put a big needle (about 10 inches long) through a balloon. Emily was sure it was going to pop so she had to cover her ears. To her surprise it didn't.
Tyler and I even got to go up on stage and assist. We were pretty amazing assistants, it's a natural talent that we both have. :) We had such a fun time.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family Skate Night

Emily's school had a family skate night at Classic Fun Center in Layton. Emily was beyond excited to go.
When skating on the carpet the girls did fine but once we got out on the slick rink the girls had a difficult time keeping their balance so Tyler and I got to break our backs were privileged to try and hold them up the whole time.
Joshua enjoyed his ride around the skating rink. The only time he had a hard time staying upright was when the girls pulled his stroller over.
This was really a fun family activity. Tyler and I had a great time and good laughs as we thought back to the days when we were younger and would go skating all the time. We laughed at the games boys and girls would play trying to get the cute boy/girl to slap their hand as they skated around and how they still play those games at the skating rink. HMMM?? I wonder if I would have slapped Tyler's hand had we gone skating at the same place or if he would have slapped mine? I guess it doesn't matter, we just skate hand in hand now (well when both our hands aren't busy holding up a little child).

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pretty, Pretty Princesses??

Allie got a game called Pretty, Pretty Princess from one of her friends for Christmas. Her and Emily absolutely love to play it. Another thing they love to do is play games with their dad. So, it is only natural that that they combined the two of these things, right??

Well, Tyler is a great dad and willingly plays their princess game with them.
It's not hard when you win EVERY time though. Yes, it is true. Every time Tyler has played he has won. The girls get so mad about this. Tyler doesn't let their anger get to him, he just sits back and looks at all his bling in the mirror admiring his beauty. 
Despite who wins they have a great time.
Oh, I forgot to mention, Joshua was feeling left out and he had to get in on the fun too. I know it is sad to see my little boy all decked out in jewels and a crown but maybe since he beat Emily and Allie they will stop asking him to play.