Friday, September 28, 2012

Emily's Last Soccer Games

Emily was so fun to watch this year in soccer. She was on a coed team and surprised me with how much she improved this season. She went from being super timid and scared to accidentally bump into someone to taking the ball away from the boys and out sprinting them down the field. She did absolutely amazing. The best player on her team by the end of the year. (True fact, not just a proud momma saying that).  Emily was always one of the smallest players out there playing. It was fun to watch her battle with the boys who were a head or more taller than her.

Emily had several attempts at the goal in her 2nd to last game but was never able to score.
Determined to score in her last game. She assisted on their first goal- stole the ball away from the other team, dribbled the ball all the way down field and passed it to her teammate so he could shoot and score.

Finally scored a goal of her own at the end of the game giving her team the win!!! Yes, I was one of those crazy parents screaming like I won the lottery. :)
 So excited she scored a goal.
High fives at the end of the game, end of the season.
 Proud Daddy and his little girl
So happy about that game. She had such a fun time playing soccer this season. Nice job, Ems. You did a great job this season.